Foreign references

Published references to the media about the independence of Catalonia

15/11/2012_ Euronews
Catalonia looks for a boost from Scots’ charge
The news from Scotland has been heard loud and clear in Catalonia, where on Monday regional leader Artur Mas said he would be holding his own referendum on independence in the four years following November’s regional elections. (…)

15/11/2012_ The Corner
Integration and disintegration of the EU
(…) Madrid or London are not benchmarks anymore; Brussels is where most of the decisions are made. Secession seems less risky than before (…)

14/10/2012_ Deusche Welle
Catalonia prepares steps towards independence
In the middle of the crisis, the Spanish government is worried by early elections in one of Spain’s richest regions, Catalonia. Many see the poll as a referendum on independence.  (…)

14/10/2012_ Armenpress
The struggle for self-determination of the Catalonian people enters a new stage
The upcoming election in Catalonia can become a unique precursor of the independence referendum of Catalonia. Conversation with the member of the International Union of Criminal Lawyers, Professor Juan Merelo-Barberá. (…)

13/10/2012_ Bloomberg
Catalonia Would Consider Independence Outside EU, Official Says
Catalonia, which has the biggest economy of Spain’s 17 regions, would consider pursuing independence even if it’s denied entry into the European Union, the regional government’s chief of staff said. (…)

12/11/2012_ Reuters
Catalan language pride fuels independence debate
Barcelona may be Spain’s second city, but some tourists to this top Mediterranean travel spot might get a surprise when they find that traffic signs, advertisements and menus are not in Spanish but another romance language: Catalan. (…)

8/11/2012_ Gatestone Institute
Secessions That Will Redraw Europe
As the richer center-right regions are increasingly unwilling to pay for the poorer leftist regions, the strain on multi-ethnic nations in Europe is growing. We might very well see an entirely different Europe – with a handful of new nations – five years from now. (…)

6/11/2012_ Wall Street Journal
Catalonia Flies Flag for Secession from Spain
Many people in Catalonia, a province known as “the factory of Spain,” feel that the rest of the country has become an economic millstone. They’re pushing for an independent Catalonia. (…)

6/11/2012_ Open Democracy
Will Catalonia secede?
The independentist inclinations of Catalonia, Scotland or Flanders define a dominant political zeitgeist in Europe – the dismantling of large territorial units. (…)

5/11/2012_ Iberosphere
To be or not to be: Catalonia as an independent state
The growing distance between Catalonia and the rest of Spain is becoming problematic, and could now be considered one of the most important tail risks facing the euro. (…)

3/11/2012_ The Washintong Post
Europe’s separatists gaining ground, adding to continent’s strains
(…) The economic argument has boosted separatist hopes strongly in Catalonia, however, drawing in many people who previously would not have envisaged life outside Spain. (…)

1/11/2012_ The New York Times
The Inconvenient Truth About Seceding States
(…) Among the current movements in Europe -Scotland, Flanders nationalists in Belgium and Catalonia in Spain- the secessionists anticipate remaining in the European Union. (…)

31/10/2012_ Voice of America
Spain’s Economic Crisis Sparks Catalonia Independence Drive
(…) The Catalan move comes as other regions in Europe also are seeking independent status. Regional pride and culture are a big part of the independence movements. (…)

30/10/2012_ The New York Times
Immigrants Have Helped Set Catalonia Apart in Spain
(…) In fact, Artur Mas, the president of Catalonia, said in a recent interview that it was unclear whether a formal referendum on separation would be open to legal immigrants. (…)

26/10/2012_ The National
Clamour for independence grows in a crisis-hit Europe
From Flanders Fields and the Scottish glens to Barcelona and the Costa Brava, a clamour for independence is sweeping parts of Europe. (…)

24/10/2012_ Financial Times
Catalonia looks to Scots for inspiration
The Catalans hope to have internationalised the dispute, against the backdrop of Scotland’s vote and the gathering strength of Flemish separatism in Belgium. “How are they going to explain this in Europe when all we want to do is vote?” says a senior Catalan leader. (…)

24/10/2012_ Bloomberg
Scots Reject Spanish Warning on EU Status After Independence
(…) The Spanish government meanwhile is facing its own constitutional challenge as Catalan leader Artur Mas pushes for greater autonomy. The region will hold elections on Nov. 25. (…)

23/10/2012_ Pravda
The Basques join the Catalans
(…) The Basques have reached such impressive results with the help of their own financial system that does not depend on Madrid. That is what Catalan leader Artur Mas had been trying to get from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, but was refused. (…)

22/10/2012_ CNA
Catalan Euro MPs ask the EU to intervene if there is “a clear risk” of a military threat against Catalonia
Four Members of the European Parliament (EP) asked the European Union “to pre-emptively intervene to guarantee that the resolution of the Catalan conflict is peaceful and democratic”. (…)

22/10/2012_ The Guardian
Pro-independence parties win Basque country elections in Spain
Election victors expected to follow example of Catalan regional president by calling independence referendum. (…)

George Kerevan: Leading the way into a bright, new Europe
In or out of the EU there is not disputing the rising profile of the new small nation, and influence that might carry, writes George Kerevan. (…)

19/10/2012_ CNN
Scotland leads charge as Europe’s separatists push for change
(…) In Spain (Catalonia) and Belgium (Flanders), as well as the United Kingdom (Scotland), secessionist movements appear to be on the rise. (…)

18/10/2012_ Newsnet Scotland
Exclusive: European Commission changes Vice President’s Catalonia remarks after pressure from Madrid
European Commission officials have been accused of bowing to pressure from Madrid and issuing false statements of denial over comments made by Vice President Viviane Reding relating to international law and Catalonian independence. (…)

18/10/2012_ CNN
Should Catalonia seek independence?
Opinion polls suggest that half onf Catalonia’s 7 million population is in favor of independence. (…)

18/10/2012_ Open Democracy
Catalunya and Spain: more than time for dialogue
In addressing Catalunya’s call for autonomy, the EU and Spain must remember lessons from Slovenia’s case for independence. (…)

17/10/2012_ John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier
Catalonia can follow Scotland on road to ‘day of destiny’
Catalan flags on many flats and homes show their belief in independence as the best way to escape unfair and unjust Spanish rule. (…)

17/10/2012_ The Information
Catalonia pushes for independence referendum in 2014
President of Catalonia, Arthur Mas, intends to ‘internationalise conflict’ if Madrid forbids a referendum on independence. (…)

16/10/2012_ Bloomberg View
To Keep Catalonia In, Spain Should Allow a Vote to Secede
(…) By allowing Catalans a free choice in a legally sanctioned referendum, Spain’s government would go a long way toward winning the vote. (…)

15/10/2012_ CNN
Spain’s next threat: Losing 20% of its economy
The Catalan people are becoming steadily disillusioned with the economic management from Madrid, says Sala-i-Martin. He said: “If Spain came back today with an offer to solve the financial problems, most Catalans would still like to be given the right to vote for independence.” (…)

15/10/2012_ Financial Times
Spain, Britain and the forbidden fruits of independence
The Spanish government should stop hiding behind the law, and allow a Catalan referendum. No marriage can survive simply by declaring divorce illegal. (…)

15/10/2012_ Le Figaro
La Catalogne joue avec l’indépendance
Le projet séparatiste fait son chemin à Barcelone, sans que les autorités veuillent dévoiler leur stratégie. (…)

15/10/2012_ Nieuwsuur
Catalanen streven naar onafhankelijkheid
(…) Er is nu nog een probleem: in het welvarende Catalonië klinkt de roep om onafhankelijkheid steeds luider. (…)

13/10/2012_ Expresso
‘Catalunha: Separatismo já nâo é tabu’
(…) Vila d’Abadal: “Queremos fazer o nosso Estado. Próspero, rico, justo igualitário, hospitaleiro. Seremos solidários na mesma, mas de igual para igual”, promete. (…)

13/10/2012_ The Washintong Post
In Spain, separatist fever rises in time of crisis
It was a soccer game of Super Bowl proportions: Madrid vs. Barcelona, Spain’s two main cities clashing in a legendary rivalry. But when the crowd of nearly 100,000 Barcelona fans erupted in cheers, what they were shouting was, “Independence! Independence!” (…)

5/10/2012_ The New York Times
‘Catalan Leader Boldly Grasps a Separatist Lever’
Artur Mas, the leader of Catalonia, has a clear message for Madrid: He is serious about his threat to let the people of Spain’s most economically powerful region decide for themselves in a referendum whether they should remain a part of Spain. (…)

5/10/2012_ BBC
Catalan leaders seek independence vote, legal or not
They want a referendum on Catalonia’s future: through legal means or otherwise. (…)

2/10/2012_ The New York Times
Spanish Prisoners
(…) We Catalans have long been attached to our distinct identity and never accepted the loss of national sovereignty after being defeated by the Spanish monarchy in 1714. (…)

2/10/2012_ France 24
La crise espagnole dope le nationalisme catalan
Le gouvernement espagnol de Mariano Rajoy doit faire face, en pleine crise économique, à une poussée de fièvre nationaliste de la Catalogne. “Bien plus qu’une autonomie financière”, il est désormais question d’indépendance. (…)

29/09/2012_ The Times
“Catalans see pain in Spain as chance for independence”
(…) While Vic’s declaration of freedom was symbolic, the AMI’s goal is true independence by 2014 -the anniversary of Catalonia’s defeat by Spanish troops in 1714 that ended an earlieer period of independence.(…)

29/09/2012_ The Guardian
The shape of modern Spain is being questioned
Violence in Madrid captured headlines but the post-Franco democratic settlement was crumbling in Catalonia (…)

28/09/2012_ Financial Times
Catalan with Spain’s future in his hands
(…) “Leaders are people who interpret the meaning of every historical moment”, said Mr Mas at his investiture, and “it is the government’s duty not to shut the doors on the desire of a people”.

28/09/2012_ Haaretz
Viva Catalonia, Viva Israel
Just as Catalonia will soon be the state of the Catalan people, Israel is first and foremost the state of the Jewish people. There is no future for a binational state. Neither a federation nor a confederation, nor autonomy, nor cantons (…)

26/09/2012_ De Volkskrant
‘Een catalaan is geen spanjaard’
Spanje werd de afgelopen weken overrompeld door de plotselinge vaart van de Catalaanse afscheidingsbeweging. “Paspoort controles komen eraan”, zegt de burgemeester van het stadje Vic (…)

12/09/2012_ CNN
Throngs push Catalan independence amid Spain’s economic crisis
Throngs of demonstrators filled Barcelona’s streets Tuesday in a regional independence protest fueled by Spain’s economic crisis. (…)

12/09/2012_ La Repubblica
A Barcellona un milione e mezzo in piazza per chiedere l’indipendenza da Madrid
Imponente manifestazione in Catalogna per invocare l’addio alla Spagna: la crisi ha messo in ginocchio la regione più ricca della penisola iberica. (…)

12/09/2012_ L’Indépendant
Diada de Catalunya : Du jamais vu à Barcelone
(…) Le drapeau indépendantiste, l’Estelada, était partout. Sur les balcons, les façades, à bout de bras au-dessus des têtes. (…)

11/09/2012_ BBC
Huge turnout for Catalan independence rally
(…) Tens of thousands of people poured into the city waving the region’s independence flag and brandishing the colours red and yellow. (…)

11/09/2012_ Euronews
Spain’s Catalonia region – speeding toward separation?
Spain today is not only grappling with major financial rebalancing; this coincides with a growing voice for separation in the autonomous region of Catalonia. (…)

11/09/2012_ Financial Times
Crisis fuels Catalan independence push
Catalonia no longer fits within Spain and needs to explore the option of independence (…)

11/09/2012_ Frankfurter Allgemeine
In der Not für die Unabhängigkeit
Eineinhalb Millionen Menschen haben am Dienstag in Barcelona für ein unabhängiges Katalonien demonstriert. (…)

11/09/2012_ Le Monde
Marée humaine pour réclamer l’indépendance de la Catalogne
Un million et demi de manifestants, selon la police, ont défilé mardi 11 septembre à Barcelone pour réclamer l’indépendance de la Catalogne (…)

11/09/2012_ Libération
La Catalogne dans la rue contre la crise
«In – Inde – Independencia», hurlaient un million et demi de manifestants en défilant mardi à Barcelone (…)

11/09/2012_ Radio-Canada
Manifestation géante pour l’indépendance catalane
(…) Les indépendantistes accusent le gouvernement central du président Mariano Rajoy d’entraîner la Catalogne dans la spirale de la crise qui secoue actuellement l’Espagne. (…)

11/09/2012_ The Guardian
Catalan independence rally brings Barcelona to a standstill
Barcelona was a sea of red and yellow Catalan flags as more than 1.5 million people brought the city to a standstill on Tuesday at a mass rally called to demand independence for the Spanish region. (…)

11/09/2012_ The New York Times
Protest Rally in Catalonia Adds a Worry for Spain
Catalonia’s national day turned into a huge separatist rally on Tuesday, presenting yet another challenge to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (…)

11/09/2012_ The Washington Post
Catalonia rallies for independence on ‘Catalan National Day
(…) Thousands of protesters plan to take to the streets Tuesday evening in Barcelona, the largest city within Catalonia, urging independence for the territory. (…)

11/09/2012_ TimeWorld
Barcelona Warns Madrid: Pay Up, or Catalonia Leaves Spain
(…) The independence movement’s flag bearing a white star against a blue triangle outnumbered the region’s official yellow-and-red-striped standard. (…)